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No one should have to die to find peace.  Mary Aggie
B. U. M. S.  Busy Undermining My Salvation

Every time you look around they're on the corner begging from town to town.
They have signs hanging up promoting Jesus.  But we all know they're just trying to tease us.
They knock on your door before sunrise, trying to convince you to believe their lies.
When we see you, we try to run away.  Because we know how you’re living

Yes we watch, and we know who you are.  We get tired of you begging from car to car.
We know you're broke, and heaven must be too, because your always promoting a BBQ
even at night you  have no peace.  We see you walking up and down the

Don’t burden me with the problems in your home.  I just wish these people would leave us alone.
They never reach out. they're the reason the community is a sham. They say we are the blame.  But I don’t think I am.
I already know that I’ve ruined my life and I hope that there really is a Christ
Listen real careful, and I hope you listen, because I’m not talking about bums ,I’m talking about Christians.

We were all there
The woman with the issue of blood no longer pushed her way to touch Him.
Only one of the nine lepers stayed.
The people no longer cheered him as he passed by.
The disciples were no longer unified as they were when they walked with Him.
Peter was still weeping for now he knew the love he felt was not the love Christ was speaking of.
He asked Jesus to forgive him seventy times seven.
Thomas doubted that he would come again.
The centurion felt weak for he had commanded many soldiers and now he had no authority to tell any servant to do anything.
The man that had refused to follow Jesus had just returned from burying his father.
Legion walked back into the graveyard.
Paul felt imprisoned.
No one went to look for the lost sheep.
The disciples looked confused wondering what Judas had done with the money.
While Jesus hung on the cross he looked out to the group thinking of the great feast in which he compelled those that were lost to attend.
His eyes looked to the little children and saw their tear stained faces as they were held back from coming to the cross.
Lazarus wondered who would call Jesus from the grave
As Zacheus watched from a tree
Mary watched her son flinching with each blow of the hammer and nail being driven into his hands and feet.
The lame man sat down when he saw the water spewing from his wounds, as the crown of thorns was placed upon his head.
Joseph thought back to the day when He told His mother that he had to be about his father’s business.
 Mary was unconsolable as a soldier walked up and viciously pierced Jesus in his side.
fell to her knees as she watched the blood and water gush from his wound leaving a trail flowing from the cross to her feet.
My son she thought, my firstborn, when will it be enough?  It was a memory that she could not place in her heart for solace.
Mary Magdalene cried out, “He” was without sin.”
Now here Jesus was hanging on a cross. Looking around for the last time He saw the blind man who now stood by with his eyes closed.
Suddenly the man with the withered hand came forth and pointed at Christ but withdrew it abruptly for fear it would return to its original state.
Yes we were there. 
I was there when Judas came back.
I was with the soldiers when they came to attack.
I hung my head and I began to cry for
I was one of those wanting to touch him as he walked by.
I watched as they nailed him to that old rugged cross.
I stood by and watched the dice being tossed.
I saw his head hanging down.
I watched him bite his lips when they gave him the thorny crown.
I saw him take his last breath when he gave up his life
I was there when they begged for the body of Christ.
I saw him go without a fight
I was there when the day time turned to night.
My God My God what could I have done?
This man hadn’t done anything to anyone.
My hand was withered and he made it straight
I was amongst the Pharisees filled with hate.
I followed him and saw many saved
I was one of the people whose home he stayed.
Yes I am guilty I am responsible for that.
I was one of the nine that never came back.
When he ascended to the heavens and he went into the sky.
I was one of the people standing by.
Will you be there and do nothing again.
Will God be there when your life ends?
Written by Mary Alice Barnes Aggie