This site contains a variety of poems written by me.  I hope you enjoy some of the work I have displayed at this site which will change from time to time.  If you would like to leave a comment on any of the postings on this site please feel that you can  do so. 
A Very Good Lesson
All children do not learn one way
One teacher’s curriculum does not make it okay
Before you brand me, make sure you understand me
Just because I live in a nice neighborhood
Doesn’t mean that my parents treat me good
My life might not be cuddly and sweet
It could be unmotivating, and filled with defeat.  
I may not have dinner when I come home
I might be going to sit there alone
Sometimes school is the only place I can escape
So don’t label me because a smile is not on my face
If you don’t know, then I don’t either,
I look to you for knowledge, because you are my teacher.
"Please be patient I’m only a kid."
"You don’t know how many secrets this mind has hid."
If I need a friend, I need for it to be you
Because I see you everyday too.
You never know how you will affect me
Until I grow up to be what I will be.
I may become a strong and courageous leader
And tell the whole world its all because of my teacher.

Written by Mary Aggie
The Proposal

I drew up a plan for Jesus and sat it at the throne 
before I left i asked the Lord to please leave me alone.”
I'm really not a bad person God just because I don’t like church.
I've written out all the reasons why, I can't do this work.  
I don’t have to be a fanatic I said by dancing all over the place
And people who do such things; ought to be ashamed to show their face.
I spread out all the  pages of how things ought to be
I complained for quite some time before he looked at me.
When he looked up I could see that he was really hurt.
When the teardrop fell from his eye I felt just like a jerk.
What’s the matter, I said Lord,  "Now what did I do wrong?"
I was starting to feel weak now. I didn’t feel too strong.
Jesus looked to heaven and I looked up after him
Am I in trouble Lord I said.  "I know I didn’t sin.
So what’s the problem now Lord,  "Am I in trouble with you?"
I know you have this scripture that says,  "We know not what we do.”
"How can I  be a bad person?" I told you to your face
I didn’t go behind your back like others you give grace.
C’mon lord talk to me I’m being honest about my feelings
I’ve never asked for anything not even for my healing.
I didn’t bother you when I went to jail and was tortured day and night
I didn’t even blame you for letting me do wrong instead of right.
I don’t have all day Lord so please hand me down your proposal.
 I''m tired of sitting here talking Lord. just let this thing be over.
Finally He looked at me and said,  what is on your mind?
I said, “I have been here for quite a while talking all this time.
Didn’t you hear a word I said, my offer is in your hand.
Didn’t you read anything I wrote; Lord I don’t understand?
What have you been thinking about all this time that I’ve been running my mouth?
C’mon Lord tell me something; get angry, jump or shout.
Jesus asked me once again, " what is on your mind?"
I really didn't know what to say, I thought everything was fine!
Jesus said, you’re obviously familiar with kicking, screaming and demands
You don’t seem to recognize just who I truly am.
I have read every word. " Why did you bring this to my throne?
Do you want me to know how miserable you are; because you feel alone?
You think that your not part of my plan, but you are definitely in it
I started to say something in response but he said; "Now let me finish."
I will take this paper and throw it into the lake of fire.
I can’t give you what you want because it is a foolish desire.
What I can do for you since you think you've had it rough.
I will reach out my hand once more and give you another touch.
But if you refuse to receive my love there’s nothing I can do
But next time you have a proposal
take it to room 666. 
The name is Satan. He’ll be glad to meet with you.