Sneak peek
Want a peek at some of the poetry in my Grandma's books?

 let's take a look.

And Daddy Makes Three

I was born because they said it was right.

Yet I am lonely from morning til night.

My Father never comes around, we get money from the state.

My Parents once loved one another, now all they do is hate.

I get milk and cereal from an organization called WIC.

I get free medical when I get sick.

I live in apartments that they call low income.

I come from school everyday but, I never see anyone.

My Mom, she has to work to earn her keep.

When she comes home at night I'm already asleep.

My Mom thinks its's cool to get me fancy clothes.

she says, "This way we won't feel poor."  Well, I suppose.

She doesn't pay very much attention to me.

I spend most of my days sitting in front of the TV.

Waiting and hoping to hear from my Dad.

Trying to imagine him here without feeling sad.

One plus one will always equal two.

Mother and child, Daddy where are you?

 The Player's Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep.

I pray, "Dear Lord don't let me creep.

These thoughts keep running through my head

about taking someone else to bed.

But if I should die while on my creep,

I know my soul the Lord won't keep.

I Can't Believe it's not Butter

I can't believe I let you go!!

Was I tripping?

"You cooked, you cleaned, you did everything!"

I musta been tripping.

Being with you is without description.

I really was tripping.

Your kiss, your touch, I miss it so much.

You worshiped the ground I walked on.

"How did I let you go!!!??".....

..."Oh I remember now..."You started tripping.


Book Title: Color Blind

One Day I'll Be Free

Take me Lord to the deepest corners of my mind.

take me to a time and place where people were kind.

some days it's so hard to be free.

some days it's so hard to be me.

I try to walk right, only to be talked about.

I try so hard not the fill my mind with doubt.

sometimes I think the devil will win this fight.

sometimes I find it hard to sleep at night.

But in your word you said, you will never ever leave.

and in your word I find strength again to believe.


I Won't Be a Slave No Mo

Running through the woods in the middle of the night;

with my children at my side filled with anger and fright.

I can hear him shouting out our names

I know if we get caught again I will go insane.

The dogs are barking and closing in trying to sniff out our tracks.

I know this time , "I can't get caught I will die before I ever go back."

I've been beaten for some time forced to do as I was told.

I never thought I could ever escape; I never dreamed I could be so bold

My clothes are dirty, my body is too and the children want to eat.

These woods are hot and very muggy; one could pass out from the


The children cry out because their so tired from trying to run so fast.

I explain to them once again, "We can never return to our past."

My feet hurt badly and my ankles swell from the terrible holes in my


.. Oh by the way, "I'm not a runaway slave, I'm a woman whose been


  No Gift Can Buy Love If No One Loves You

Looking for Love in all Those Fine Faces

A fine man is all I said.

Now he's going upside my head.

If he looked good and had the right color,

I wanted to be his baby's mother.

I thought I was the only one to have his kid.

Now I found out he had five or six hid.

He won't work or pay child support.

Now I got to take my fine man to court.

He said he loved me and he'd always be there.

Now I realize that my fine man don't care.

I wanted a fine man so I wouldn't be alone

But he can't seem to find his way home.

Now my fine man says, he wants to be free.

So if he wants to leave..Then it's fine with me.


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