Poetry for Children
All poetry written on this site are the original works of Mary Alice Barnes Aggie 

Beyond the Stars
I applauded my efforts when no one else would.
When they said I was bad, I said I was good.
When the stage of life gave no curtain call there I stood proud and tall
Peering in the darkness with only my thoughts,
Making my mind up right then that I would not be lost.
Praying for God to be a continual guide.
And asking him to never leave my side.
So when life says, “the end” at the beginning of your act
All you have to do is pull the curtains back.

Champion of My Fate 
I am the greatest 

I am the smartest 
There is nothing too hard 
No mountain too high  
I can conquer all the demons in life. 
Obstacles are what triumphs are made out of.

I decide conversation and silence
I shall not lie down and be counted for nothing
I choose not to lean on the crutches of life which have

crippled many
I shall succeed
Children will learn of me
I will be remembered for my nobility
I must do what I have to
           For only I can do it.          

Child's Play  
Talk to your child everyday;
Take the time to listen to what they have to say
What they say today can not be captured again.
Don’t deprive them of the chance to use their

So take a few minutes before sending them to bed 
To reflect on one thing they might have said
I wish I could wish on a star

And find that dream which will take me far 
I wish I could follow the path of my soul 
To create the dream that has never been told.
But I don’t believe in wishing on a star
I believe God’s blessings would take me far
For stars don’t shine every night
So if I wish I may or wish I might

My wishes wouldn’t come true until a starry night


I'm A Little Acorn

I'm a little acorn sitting high up in a tree.

I can see you but you can't see me.

one day I'll get to big and I'll fall down.

and you will come along to pick me off of the ground.

you'll rub me and rub me to make me shine.

and that's when you'll see these little hands of mine.

Tap tap little brown feet 

Listen to that lively beat 
Dancing and leaping off the ground
Spinning and spinning your body around
Tap a little

Tap a lot  

Be thankful 

For everything you got
Dance little brown feet
Tip tap tip top
Dance underneath
Dance on top
Swing your brown body
To and fro
Dance with absolutely
No control 
Dance little brown feet
Til you can’t dance no more
For only you know what you’re dancing for.
Written by Mary Alice Barnes Aggie